Hi, I'm Lokenstein and this is my home!
You're welcome to hang around for as long as your like.
The organisation of this website it's a bit messy, because it's mostly for me, but I hope you'll find what you're looking for!

Latest articles

The last thing I published here is a short fiction : Target acquired. Check it out!.

The last book I read was Fangs by Sarah Andersen. Read about it on my book blog!

Digital garden

This website is inspired by the ideas of digital gardening.
Not a stream of posts that are quickly forgotten like social medias or most blogs, but a place where things are here to stay and to be regularly updated, taken care of. Because of this, you might find some articles that look like drafts more than finished blog posts, but that's part of my process.
Let's see how it goes!

Azaliz is the one who told me about digital gardens for the first time, and I loved the idea right away!
Here are a few posts by others about the subject: Maggie Appleton, Rosano.